Submitted by Kathy Garrett

Susan Laing and Alex Derdelakos attended the Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhood Open House two years ago, in 2012.  This year, Susan and Alex are celebrating their first anniversary in their Rosedale home.  When they decided to start looking for a home, Alex and Susan thought going to the May Open House would be a good place to start.  While “Alex was open to living anywhere in the city,” Susan knew where she wanted to live: “I told Alex ‘We are going to live in Rosedale Park!’”  Susan grew up not far from Rosedale Park, and knew that the neighborhood was more than just a collection of nice homes.  She knew the many opportunities for community involvement, and the sense of cohesion that results from such involvement.  “I grew up going to Rosedale Recycles!”  Alex was not a hard sell:  “I prefer city living, knowing my neighbors.  It took about three months before we knew everyone on our block.”

Currently both Alex and Susan are active in Grandmont Rosedale SOUP and will most likely help out with the May 4, 2014 Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhood Open House.  They know the importance of the Open House for potential buyers and for the entire community.  They remember and appreciate the time GRDC Director Tom Goddeeris took with them two years ago.  “He drove us around in his truck to introduce us to the neighborhoods.  It was just a really nice thing to do.  We were pretty well convinced by the Open House.”

If you or someone you know is interested in a home in the Grandmont Rosedale community, come to the Open House Sunday, May 4 from 1 pm – 5 pm.  Registration is at the North Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale St.  Visitors can tour the neighborhoods, talk with vendors about tax abatement and financing, and find out about other services in the area.  For more information about the Open House, call 313-909-0760.

If you already live here and would like to help encourage other good people to live in our community, the Open House Committee is seeking volunteer help for the following:  greeters, bus tour guide, registration table and set-up and tear-down.  It you are interested in helping out, please contact Kevin Johnson at


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