by Maria Penrod, GRDC Community Security Intern

The Crime Prevention Task Force is made up of dedicated residents who strive to make neighborhoods in Grandmont Rosedale safe for all. Task Force members meet once a month to discuss current topics and events going on in the community. They also plan the Neighborhood Safety Meetings, which are intended to raise awareness about safety related matters and engage the community. Caring neighbors, strong neighborhood associations, and active block clubs are the foundation of their approach to community safety.

In January of 2016, Detroit Police Department partnered with gas stations to begin their new crime fighting program called Project Green Light Detroit. Brightly colored green flashing lights, signage, and high definition cameras, which are connected to the real-time crime center, are the main features of this program. The center is staffed by Detroit Police Department to receive, monitor, and analyze the feed that comes in. The clear images captured on the cameras help police to identify suspect and victim information, vehicle make and model, license plate numbers, and witness information. Recognizing the importance of Green Lights in the Grandmont Rosedale community, the Crime Prevention Task Force began their outreach to local businesses in mid-October.

Twice a week, members of the Crime Prevention Task Force stop by local businesses on Grand River, McNichols, and Schoolcraft. They provide a general overview of what Project Green Light Detroit is, encourage business owners to join the project, and further support the safety of the Grandmont Rosedale community and the city of Detroit. Installing a Green Light is not only important in decreasing crime rates, it also increases customer support and strengthens local businesses.

Primarily focusing on businesses open after 10 P.M., such as, liquor stores, gas stations, and fast food restaurants, the Detroit Police Department’s Neighborhood Police Officers and Wayne State Center for Urban Studies also canvas areas throughout the City of Detroit. Comcast and DTE are showing support for Project Green Light by offering monthly payment options and energy efficiency rebates to lower costs.

Throughout the City of Detroit, sixty businesses have signed an agreement and are now officially a Green Light Business. The city has set a goal of enrolling eighty businesses by the end of the year. The Crime Prevention Task Force, has successfully spoken with twenty five businesses on Grand River, McNichols, and Schoolcraft, seven of which were already in the process of installing a Green Light! There are a total of six businesses in Grandmont Rosedale that already are up and running with a Green Light!

In December the Crime Prevention Task Force will begin planning their goals for next year to help determine new locations and businesses that they will target for outreach. A majority of business employees and managers that they have spoken with have expressed great interest in enrolling in the program.

Please visit for a full list of partnering business in Detroit.

We encourage friends, family, and neighbors to share this information with local business that you think would be interested. Please support local Green Light Businesses and acknowledge the work they are doing for the Grandmont Rosedale Community!



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To speak directly with a representative from Project Green Light: Phone: (313) 596-8899, Address: 2 Woodward, Suite 1126 Detroit MI, 48226.