Available October 1st, 2023 

Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC) is in search of an experienced and visionary bar and/or business owner to establish a vibrant and successful business within our move-in ready commercial building located at 19566 Grand River Ave. With that, GRDC will be showing the space as well as accepting business proposals for interested parties.

Please reach out to GRDC’s Senior Economic Development Manager, Chelsea Salame at chelsea@grandmontrosedale.com or call the office at (313) 387- 4732 Ext. 103 to schedule a showing and/or to submit a proposal.

Business Proposal Overview: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to seek a comprehensive business proposal from prospective entrepreneurs, for the establishment and operation of a bar at our location. The objective of this venture is to create an appealing and lively social space that will provide the Grandmont Rosedale community with an elevated neighborhood watering hole. 

Scope of Work: The scope of this business proposal involves the design, setup, and operation of the bar. It includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects: 

  • Bar Design and Layout: 
    • Provide a detailed plan for the bar’s design, layout, and interior ambiance 
    • Consider factors such as space utilization, seating arrangements, lighting, and decor. 
    • Outlining all permits required for operation and you plan to acquire them.  
  • Beverage Selection: 
    • Propose an enticing selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including but not limited to a variety of cocktails, wines, spirits, and craft beers. 
    • Emphasize any specialty or unique offerings that will set the bar apart from competitors. 
  • Food Menu (optional): 
    • If applicable, suggest a complementary food menu that pairs well with the beverages and enhances the overall bar experience. 
  • Staffing: 
    • Detail the staffing requirements, including bartenders, servers, and other essential personnel. Any plans to hire from within the community. 
    • Outline your approach to training and managing the bar staff to deliver exceptional customer service. 
  • Marketing and Promotion: 
    • Present a marketing strategy to promote the bar and attract a steady flow of patrons. 
    • Utilize both traditional and digital marketing channels to reach the target audience. 
  • Financial Projections: 
    • Provide a comprehensive financial plan that outlines the initial investment required, projected revenue, and anticipated profitability over a defined period. 

Submission Guidelines: Your proposal should be submitted in electronic format (Word or PDF preferred) and must include the following sections: 

  • Executive Summary 
  • Business Concept and Vision 
  • Bar Design and Layout 
  • Beverage Selection 
  • Food Menu (if applicable) 
  • Staffing Plan 
  • Marketing and Promotion Strategy 
  • Financial Projections 

Evaluation Criteria: The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Relevant Experience and Track Record 
  • Creativity and Innovation 
  • Feasibility and Viability of the Business Plan 
  • Alignment with Community Need and Target Audience 
  • Business Capacity for Second or Third Location 
  • Financial Soundness 


  • All information provided in the proposal will be treated as confidential and used solely for the purpose of evaluating the proposals. 

About the Space: 19566 Grand River Avenue is a solid brick building with over 2,000sqft of space and zoned for B4 Commerical usage. The updated building features a newly remodeled bar and back bar, plumbing, and polished floors. Inside you will find a prep kitchen, a DJ booth, a new 12 seat bar, and seating area. On the outside there is a fenced-in patio and a TMSO complaint awning. Not including the patio, the indoor capacity of the space is 65 people. 

Property Details: 

  • 19566 Grand River Ave. Detroit, MI 48224 
  • Commerical/Retail Space 
  • 2,000sqft  
  • Zoned B4 for commercial use 
  • White boxed in 2018 and turn-key ready for bar business 
  • Within walking distance of Detroit Vegan Soul, Pages Bookshop, Pressed Juice Bar, and other popular businesses. 
  • Previously HM Style Lounge and Chill Room

Property Description: 

  • The building features 2,000 square feet of turn-key ready space with an attached fenced patio.  
  • Everything in the space has been updated within the last three years 
  • Within the space is a 12-seat finished bar, a polished wood back bar with a 3-sink set-up, and a hand washing sink 
  • Large dining area and additional built-in seating 
  • Equipped for live entertainment with a raised stage, a DJ booth, and professional grade speakers throughout the building 
  • Two bathrooms, one is ADA accessible 
  • Enclosed office space for privacy 
  • Utility room with mop basin and new water heater  
  • Electrical and plumbing are both up to code 
  • Interior and exterior security cameras with monitoring system 
  • TSMO compliant exterior awning 
  • Modern light fixtures and can lighting throughout building 

Financial Information: 

  • Monthly Lease Price: TBD
  • Utilities not included 
  • Tenant is responsible for Gas, Water, and Electricity 
  • Tenant is responsible for all permitting related to business operations 

Terms of Lease or Sale: 

  • 1-year minimum lease required 
  • Security Deposit 

Contact Information: 

  • Chelsea Salame / chelsea@grandmontrosedale.com / (313) 387- 4732 Ext. 103 
  • This property is owned and managed by Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC) 

Neighborhood Information: 

  • Grandmont Rosedale is a collection of five neighborhoods located in the northwest section of Detroit, Michigan. The area is known for its historic character, strong community engagement, and diverse mix of residential properties. Grandmont Rosedale is one of Detroit’s well-established neighborhoods with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. 
  • The demographics of the Grandmont Rosedale neighborhoods are diverse, reflecting the broader demographic makeup of Detroit. As of the 2020 Census, Grandmont Rosedale has: 
  • A mix of African American, Caucasian, and other racial and ethnic groups. 
  • A range of age groups, with families, young professionals, and retirees residing in the area. 
  • A mix of single-family homes, apartments, and multi-family residences. 
  • Varied educational backgrounds and income levels among residents that are higher than Detroit’s average.  
  • Grandmont Rosedale has long been known for its well-maintained historic homes, including Tudor, colonial, and bungalow-style houses. The neighborhoods boast tree-lined streets, community gardens, and parks, creating an attractive and welcoming environment. 
  • The Grandmont Rosedale community is highly engaged, with active neighborhood associations and the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation (GRDC) leading community development efforts. GRDC works on initiatives related to housing, economic development, beautification, and community events. 
  • While Grandmont Rosedale is primarily known for its residential character, the community has experienced recent commercial development, especially along Grand River Avenue, which is the main commercial corridor in the area. Local businesses, including shops, restaurants, and service providers, have been established along this corridor to serve the needs of the residents.  


Again, please reach out to Chelsea Salame at chelsea@grandmontrosedale.com or call the office at (313) 387- 4732 Ext.103 to schedule a showing and/or submit a business proposal.