Love Travels Imports – One (1) Maguey Bag




Perfect for carrying your fruits and veggies!

The maguey fiber is rustic and completely natural, harvested from large succulent leaves (think agave). It is a laborious process to convert the leaves into a rope-like structure to be used for these knit bags. Only one individual from a cooperative in Cobán works with this fiber. Each and every one of these bags have been made by Doña Candelaria. We think these small and all-natural bags make excellent produce bags for going to the local farmer’s market and/or organizing produce at home. Keep your limes, avocados, onions, potatoes… all the goodies in a bag. Each to reach and clean. They are also aesthetically-appealing and make a good reminder of handmade traditions.

Measurement: Width: 11 inches Height: 10 inches

Please note that this is a rough knit, the size may vary slightly and the bag itself is able to stretch due to the knit structure.

By any other name…
Maguey is a native plant of Mexico and Central America, but you may know it by a more common name, agave. Maguey is a Native American word that refers to all of the large leaf plants in the Agavaceae family – a family with at least 300 species. Agave americana is also known as the century plant and is used as an ornamental in many countries. Maguey grows from the inside out, forming a rosette that takes two to three years to mature. It flowers once in a lifetime and then dies. However, if the leaves are cut and used in the production of fiber, the plant will live for many more years as the plant continues to produce new leaves instead of flowering.